PROFESSIONAL Automated Natural Juice Dispenser - EmaVend 2JC Black

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EmaVend - 2JC_Black


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Orangefresh partners can use free of charge the automatic beverage dispenser and will be supplied with a large variety of natural juices, cups, caps, etc. available exclusively through us.

In order to become our partners, you will need a fitting location, the desire to sell natural juices in that location and, obviously, you will need to contact us.

Your profit could even be 5000 Lei/month

At a price of 3.5 lei per cup of natural juice and a cost of 2.4 lei you will gain 1.1 lei/cup.

Selling around 30 cups of juice per day, you will sell at least 900 cups of juice per month, meaning a profit of 1000 lei/month.

For a greater number of dispensers, we can furnish a maximum of 5 beverage dispensers+ 10 different natural juice assortments. This way, your profit could easily be up to 5000 lei/month from a single location.

Advantages, when compared to other juice dispensers:

1) Can deliver cups of natural juice that won’t spoil for up to a month after breaking the seal.

2) Perfectly hygienic with no contamination risk to the juice delivered in the cup.

3) You get the entire quantity of juice, down to the last drop.

4) You don’t have to bother with recycling - the Bag-in-Box bag remains empty after the juice is consumed, without occupying space and it weighs only a few grams.

5) You have absolute control over what you sell - you won’t always be the one serving clients, but with our system you will know exactly the sales made by your crew, including exact time and date of the sales. This will allow you to create marketing strategies such as Happy Hour, promotions, and discounts.

Why choose products Bag-in-Box bottled? Because most natural juice producers bottle their natural juices in Bag-in-Box aseptic, single-use food bags; in this bags the juices are stored in vacuum for more than a year and after opening the intelligent valve system allows the serving of the beverages for a month without the risk of spoiling/contamination and doesn’t have any contact with air.

When compared to other refreshments dispensers on the market, our professional dispenser allows Bag-in-Box bottled juices is perfectly aseptic and the natural juice does not spoil even after a month after opening the seal. A true natural juice spoils after a maximum of two days after opening if it is not packaged in a vacuum Bag-in-Box. This is the main advantage of our juice dispensers—natural juices do NOT have contact with the air, and remain fresh even after being opened.

Furthermore, our peristaltic valves will provide your clients with juice down to the last drop.

The second great advantage is that we ensure a large assortment of natural juices that are tested independently from the manufacturer’s claims. This is done so that we can ensure that packaging is truly what it is stated to be. In addition, we can also provide a large assortment of SUGAR-FREE natural juices and lemonade, also produced by us.

If you’d like, we can ensure single-use cups of excellent quality, as well as covers for these cups. You’ll be able to deliver the natural juices as “take away” products.

Technical features for EmaVend dispenser:

  • Performances - Two peristaltic pumps extract liquids from the Bag-in-Box bags until the last drop. A 200 ml cup is delivered in less than 20 seconds
  • Capacity- 10 liters. Two juice assortments x 5 liters /Bag-in-Box bag
  • Dimensions (HxLxW): 45 cm x 32.5 cm x 36 cm
  • Cooling temperatures: 7-15 degrees C. Cooling is done through an electronic, eco-friendly heat converter that works without making any kind of noise, condensation or risk of ice production within it.
  • 2 juice selection buttons
    • Electronic control of the delivered dose/quantity, set at 200ml.
    • Personalized setting for the quantity of juice to be delivered.
  • Main components:
  • Certified antibacterial tubing that helps prevent the fermentation of the natural juices.
  • 2 peristaltic pumps
  • Electronic heat converter
  • Motherboard
  • Long distance tracking through an advanced telemetry system (remote monitoring software provided by SAS GRUP-


  • Remote tracking system (telemetry):
    • Remote, real-time monitoring of helpings, the occurrence of any malfunctions, power supply disconnection, etc. Reports are available in real time, or you can get automatic alerts on your mobile phone/email.
    • The ability to remotely turn of and/or on the juice dispenser.
    • Tracking of equipment on digital maps through GSM triangulation, independent of GPS availability which can be added separately for accuracy within centimeters if the equipment is used outside.

With these drink dispensers, we guarantee periodic sanitation services and we can provide 10 assortments of natural juices and natural lemonade.

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    PROFESSIONAL Automated Natural Juice Dispenser - EmaVend 2JC Black

    PROFESSIONAL Automated Natural Juice Dispenser - EmaVend 2JC Black

    Recommended for commercial use

    Click here to see how it works

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